Product Features

Real High- Defintion

  • Real HD 1280×720

Automatic Power Off System

  • Turn off the power by setting time on Exclusive PC Viewer
  • Prevent the battery down by time setting

Flexible Recording Time

  • Support the 848X480 resolution without loss of viewing angle
  • User can select the resolution

3 Dimensional Sensor (G)

  • Built-in 3G-Sensor can detect and record impact, acceleration, and deceleration(3 Axis-X,Y,Z)

Constant Recording / Event Recording

  • Constant Recording : the product records video in 1 minute segment
  • Event Recording : saves video files in the event folder when it detects impact

Event Button

  • Record and save video and audio immediately using the Event button manually

Motion Detction

  • The Parking mode switches to Motion Detection mode when the vehicle turns off
  • If movement is detected by the G-sensor, the recorded video files are saved into the Event folder
  • Records 10 seconds prior to motion detection and 20 seconds post motion detection, total 30 seconds
  • This function can be operated using the Constant Power Supply



connect the micro SD card which saves the recorded video files on smart phone or PC.

* It can be possible to create program installation files related application in the SD card while playing back the videos on smart phone.


It can store the recorded data safely into memory or avoid SD card malfunctioning.
It is not necessary to remove SD Card from the product to format.
– Press the EVENT button for 5 seconds, the micro SD Card is self -formatted.

* Be aware of using the EVENT button as Self- format function can delete every video file in the SD card. 
LOG-ON Co.,LTD is not responsible for the product malfunctioning which caused by customer carelessness


Motion Detection Sensor is activated to detect any movement and video-record and save while the Paking mode
– It is possible to set the Parking mode by a long press(5 seconds)
(The parking mode is automatically activated if the vehicle turns off)

Box Component

Optional Accessories

Easy Installation

PC Viewer

When GPS singal is activated, GPS data such as Time, Location and Speed will be saved with video in SD card, and the data can be viewed through Google Map of the viewer as below image.