Dead Reckoning GPS

LOG ON GPS Module, Model LDR-1, which combines with advanced DR Solution provides the most accurate position and altitude data under various environments.
It provides positioning date even in the tunnels and underground parking lot, and parking garages.
DR(Dead Rockoning) S/W estimates positions with Heading and Distance data caculated from the last known position. GPS (SiRF IV) and ARM 32bit M3 MCU continuously calibrates the Gyroscop sensor value and provides the most optimized and accurate data such as positions, course, velocity and altitude output under deep canyons and no GPS siganal environment.


  • Adaptive Accuracy based on 4 Axis Sensor
(Gyroscope, Pressure Sensor)
  • Super precise accuracy (Less than 3m / 3°)
  • SiRF Aware, SiRF Instant Fix Super Fast Speed
  • ARM 32 Bit MCU


  • High-Performance GPS (SiRF IV) Solution
  • ARM 32bit M3 MCU
  • Supports Dead Reckoning
  • Built In 3 Asixs Digital Gyroscope Sensor and Pressure Sensor
  • 1 or 4 Hz combined DR&GPS Update
  • 100% coverage with Continuous Position Fixes
  • 300 to 1,100 hPa Pressure Range
  • Various Usages ( Navitation, E-Compass, Telematic and Tracker…etc.)
  • Size : 55 x 35mm / Size Flexible


Frequency 1575.42 MHz
Update Rate 1Hz
Sensitivity -163dBm (Tracking)
Cold / Warm / Hot Start < 45 sec ,  < 45 sec,   < 1 sec
Position Accuracy 3 m
Velocity <  515 m/s
Pressure Range 300 to 1,110 hPa
3 Axis Gyroscope Range 125° ~ 2,000°/S