High Lights

  • Specialized High performance HD (1080x 720P) 2Channel Hidden Installation Type Black Box with supporting GPS and Data I/O.
  • F1.6 / 6 Glasses camera provide the High quality video which is plate number distinguishable in long distance and high beam reflection recording environment at night.
  • Reliable working performance with perfect EMI Noise Shielding design.
  • Provides various driving accident data such as Braking, Seat Belt and working temp information through I/O port.
  • Available with various optional small size cameras such as Water Proof and Infra red. And they can be easily installed without messing up front or side driving view.
  • Smart File System & Self Diagnose the working status with working logs.
  • Monitoring working Temp. and cut the power when it goes over proper temperature.

High Lightis - Data IN / OUT Port

Addition external device features such as Reset Key, Panic Button, Seat Belt, Braking Monitoring and Rear View Cam Feature…etc. 
could be used through I/O Port

External Input / Output connector (Ex. Panic Button)

Additional Features through I/O Port

Through 6 Pin I/O Port, Addition external devices such as Remote Door 
Open/Close, External Micro Phone, Reset Key, Seat Belt / Braking Monitoring…etc. could 
be used through I/O Port.(Option)

Main Features

  • Camera Sensor, Lens : 2 Megapixel Resolution / 6 GLASS / F 1.6
  • View Angle : Max 120°(Diagonal)
  • Resolution : Real HD Video Resolution (1280×720, Max:30fps 1 Ch, 2Ch all of each)
  • Built In Back Up Battery (Li-Polymer Battery for High Temperature)
  • Built In G-Sensor
  • Built In High Performance Micro Phone
 Records Video and Voice at a same time.
  • 30 Frame HD for all camera channels.
  • Perfect Noise Shielding Cable & Connector
  • 3 Pin Connector Type Power Port
    – It allow to provide power stably and better working environment.
  • Built In BUZZER
  • Motion Sensor
  • Support Max Memory up to 128GB
  • Hidden Type Design
  • Data I/O Port
    – 3 Output / 2 Input
    – Panic Button, Seat Belt, Brake, Rear View Monitoring
    Cf. Can be customized by Customer requirement for Special vehicle.
  • External GPS / Adopting PDOP, HDOP for precise GPS data.
  • Video Out Support
  • 2 Color LED

Product SPEC

Processor CLM9722
Resolution 1280*720 (HD)
Image Sensor 9D1119 (Aptina)
Optical Lens 120º(D) * 90º(H) * 68º(V), 6 Glass
Display External Display through Video Out Port
Back-up battery High Temp. Li-polymer battery
Video format AVI
Recording frame 30 FPS
Driving recording time recording  1 minute
Event recording time before 10 seconds ~ after 10 seconds,
Total  20 Sec
Storage Micro SD Card (SDHC 4GB ~ 32GB, SDXC 64GB)
3-Axis G-Sensor 3-Axis G-Sensor
GPS specifications GPS specifications
GPS Module Ublox or SiRF IV/V
Embedded patch antenna 29mm x 29mm x 4.0mm
Hot start time  < 1 second
Cold start time  < 35 seconds
Characteristics Characteristics
Input voltage DC 11V ~ 28V
Current consumption 300mA / 12V
Dimension 75(L) * 90(W) * 81(H)
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Characteristics Characteristics
Operating Voltage 3.3 ~ 5.50
Absolute Max
Supply voltage
Optical Format 1/3.2 inch
Full Resolution 1600(H) x 1200(V) Pixels (UXGA)
Active Pixels 4.73mm x 3.52mm
Pixel size 2.8um x 2.8um
Shutter Type Electronic Rolling Shutter
Max Data Rate 80 MB/s
Master Clock 6MHz to 80MHz
ADC Resolution 10-bit, On-Die
Responsivity 1.0/Lux-sec (550nm)
Operating Temperature -30 ~ 80 °C
Lens Construction 6 Glasses