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What are the Main Features of SD T3?
  • 3 cameras
  • Event upload
  • SD card retrieving
  • Live Video Upload
  • Wi-Fi Backup
  • Driving habit analysis
  • Geo-fence
  • Remote configuration
  • Fuel consumption(Requires OBD)
  • CO2 emission(Requires OBD)


Real-time monitoring

Immediate situation grasp and a quick response to emergency by real-time video monitoring

  • Map-based location & vehicle status management
  • Real-time video monitoring(live streaming)
  • Real-time event alarm
  • Real-time event photo/video management
  • Immediate response on situations(E-call)
Remote managing system

Server-based remote management & control system

  • Vehicle, driver management
  • Device remote control(SD card format, firmware upgrade etc.)
  • Remote SD card video retrieving
Low data cost

Minimized data cost by effective data usage solution

  • Approx. 500MB data usage in a month
  • Pre-view images before video download
  • 3MB/min for live streaming video
  • 10MB/video for video downloading
Device & data management

Tamper-proof & video data protection by triple data security solution

  • Tamper detection sensor
  • Locker (Key type)
  • Special encrypted video codec
Detailed functions
  • Event Information
    – Event time, address, time
    – Images of events
  • Event Video
    – Retrieving event footage
    – Played on web & mobile
    – Stored in server
  • Normal Video
    – Retrieving a file list of SD card
    – Retrieving videos played on web & mobile
    – Stored in server
  • Live view
    – Requested and played on web
  • Vehicle Location Service
    – Current location with vehicle status
    – Vehicle movements & Driving distance
  • Easy to see of driving data
    – Driving data sorted by time / agency
    – Driving information with time, speed, address.
  • Driver Behavior
    – Eco score & Safety score
    – Idle time / Speeding / Harsh acceleration
    Harsh deceleration / Overtaking  etc.
    – Alarm of entering or leaving an area
  • Wi-Fi Data Back Up
    – Event Data Back up through Wi-Fi
  • Camera Setting
    – Video quality
    – G-Sensor sensitivity
    – SD card proportion
    – etc.
  • Event Setting
    – Event alerts ON / OFF
    – Number of images for an event
  • Client Management
    – Register & Modify user information
    – Register & Modify vehicle information
    – Register & Modify driver information
    – Register & Modify agency information
  • F/W Update over the air
  • SD card format over the air


1. Safety of vehicles and goods inside through management using video files

Video recording of Front/rear/internal/side view to be used as the evidences and prevent theft of goods and vehicles

  • Provide more precise information for understanding situations
  • Provide evidence in accidences
  • Promote more efficient fuel usage and safer driving habits
  • Prevent fuel theft through recording the fuel cap
  • Long recording memory space, max 128 GB
< Installation example >
2. Check location & recordings in real-time

Quick response to an emergency situation through checking real-time videos

  • Real-time event notification
  • Real-time image & recording files of events
  • Manage tracking logs represented on a map
  • Minimized data cost (approx. 3MB/min)
< Real-time location tracking and viewing videos >
3. Remote management through dedicated Web&APP

Real-time follow up of emergency situations through using APPS and user webpage

▶ Webserver page platform

  • Easy management via webpage.
  • Possible to integrate with an existing platform using an OPEN API
  • Real-time location tracking or route taken information
  • Manage individual vehicles or drivers per agencies
  • Remote management of multiple vehicles with devices installed

▶ App (Android, iOS)

  • APP for managers & drivers
  • Alert message of image files for emergency situation instance response even in the outdoors
  • Register agencies to receive notifications when vehicles arrive/depart a certain location – Prevent vehicle theft
4. Driving History & Driving

Real-time Monitoring

Driving History

Driving Analysis

  • Easy management in Agency & Branch
  • Real-time Monitoring of Location & Engine status
  • Monthly / Daily Driving data
  • Driving History on Google Map with Speed color
  • Event History (Impact, Panic, Motion, Geofence)
  • Data Downloaded in Excel format
  • Drving behavior analysis by daily / Monthly
  • Driving History data sorted by All / Agency / Individual.
  • Speeding Harsh acceleration, Harsh deceleration, RPM, Harsh cornering, Idling, Fuel consumption, etc.
  • Eco driving / safety driving score


Screw Type Stereo Jack

Component  Description SD-T3
 Camera  1st  HD 1280 x 720p
 2nd  VGA 640×480 IR / IP67 (Option)
 3rd VGA 640×480 IR / IP67 (Option)
 Angle of view  1st 130°
 2nd 130°
 3rd 130°
 G-Sensor 3 Axis accelerometer
 Speaker / MIC  Mono Speaker / Internal MIC
 Back UP Power Super Capacity
 GPS Module External A-GPS
 E-Button O
 Wi-Fi O
 Device Locker Key Type
 Memory storage Type Dual SD card
Capacity max 128 GB (64GB per slot)
 Video out put HDMI
 Port Interface  DC IN  3 Pin Molex Connector
 GPS Screw Type Stereo Jack
 CAMERA IN Screw Type 2.5 Pie Stereo Jack
 Network Type LTE/3G
Frequancy 800 ~ 2,600MHz
Antenna External Helical Antenna
 Video  Format / Encording  SeFX (Format Free / Encryption) / H.264
 Channel  2 Channel
1st  30fps
2nd 15fps
3rd 15fps
 Audio  PCM  Monaural, 22.05Khz, 16bits
(1CH Base)
Driving Recording 20 sec (10s±1s) / file
able to change segment
G-sensor Event recording 5 sec.±0.25s before; 15 sec.±0.25s after

(Total 20 sec. Event file)

Motion sensor Event recording
E-Button Event recording
 Operating Power Voltage DC 12~36V
 Operating Temperature -20° ~ +70°
 Dimension/Weight(mm) 130 x 80 x 28 (mm) / 193g
 Warranty Period  1 year after purchased
 Certifications CE, RoHs, NOM
 Language English / Japanese


500 ~ 1000 Units Q’ty 1,000~ 3,000 Units Q’ty
Receiving Server OS Windows Server 2012 2 Windows server 2012 2
CPU 4 Core 4 Core
Memory 4 GB 4 GB
Storage 100 GB 100 GB
Master Server OS Windows Server 2012 1 Windows Server 2012 1
CPU 4 Core 8 Core
Memory 4 GB 8 GB
Storage 100 GB 100 GB
DB Server OS Windows Server

2008 R2 (ST)

1 Windows Server

2008 R2 (ST)

CPU 4 Core 4 Core
Memory 16 GB 16 GB
Storage 4 TB 4 TB
DB MSSQL 2012 (Standard Edition) 1 MSSQL 2012 (Standard Edition) 1
Etc Back up Storage 4 TB 1 16 TB 1