• High performance Full HD (1920x 1080P) 2Channel Hidden Installation Type Black Box with supporting GPS and Wi-Fi.
  • Preview, Video Download, Playback Video and Configuration Setting…
    Get driving companion simple and easy with Wi-Fi !!!
  • 130 Degree Wide Camera Angle!!! 
  • Reliable working performance with perfect EMI Noise Shielding design.
  • Specialized Power connector securing firm connection
  • TAT File Format system will stabilize all the video file system
  • Free from all the headache issues coming from Back up Battery
  • Self Diagnose the working status with working logs.
  • Monitoring working Temp. and cut the power when it goes over proper temperature.



Necessary to format SD card regularly due to File fragmentation

Back up Battery replacement

File Fragmentation

  • Dummy Data caused by File fragmentation is generated on FAT file system, and this is the main cause of malfunction of SD card or Car DVR.
  • So, it is necessary to format SD card to clear the dummy data on FAT file system.
  • Especially using SD card with the device writing large size data, the file fragmentation is created more often, and required to format SD card in shorter period to clear the dummy data.

Back Up Power

  • Black box using FAT file system is requiring Backup power to complete generating and saving the file recording when the power is unexpectedly disconnected. So, it needs the backup power to run the device at least 3 seconds for closing a recording cycle correctly.
  • And for it, usually small size Lithium Ion gum battery, more or less 100mA, or Super Capacity is used.


  • Lithium Ion Battery is quite weak against heat. And the life cycle is short, 3 moths guarantee. When gets heats, it is swelling and it can be a cause of shortage. (Please refer to the below image)
  • Super Capacity is safer than Lithium Ion, but size is larger and still short life cycle, about 6 months.
  • And it is a dilemma to check if the back up battery or super capacity is working correctly.
  • If the back up power is not working correctly, the last video can not be generated when the power is disconnected by accident.


What is TAT(Time Allocation Table) File System ?

  • This is new file system to cover the weak point of FAT(File Allocation Table) File system . To recover it, TAT is recording data by Time unit while FAT is recording File unit.
  • It records and saves data by max 15 µsec unit, so it can minimized the Fragmentation which is a main cause of dummy data and it is extending the life cycle of SD card extremely without formatting.
  • T8 based on TAT can record video data by frame unit, and it can complete recording of the last file without backup power when the power is disconnected on accident.

Function of TAT file

  • Save last 1 second recording file stable before power is cut off so that internal battery or super cap is not required – reduce field defect
  • No need to format SD card periodically and extend SD card lift time
  • Protect your privacy by blocking playback in public player.
  • You can convert TAT to AVI in bundled PC viewer

Main Features

  • 2Channel recording (Front : Full HD 1080p, Rear : FHD1080P)
  • Wi Fi support – i OS, Android (Video preview, download in smartphone.)
  • Support up to 128GB SD card
  • Format free by TAT file format / No need to format SD card periodically Extend SD card life time
  • GPS tracking by external smart GPS
  • Power : DC 12V~24V (12V@230mAh) / Low power consumption maximize parking recording time which is more than 10hours
  • Power switch available
  • G sensor / Motion detection
  • Event recording / Driving recording / Parking mode recording / Image capture
  • Parking mode recording (In the power connection with car permanent power source, when  car  engine off, recording  mode is changed to parking mode automatically.   You can set up parking recording time, or battery low power detection.)
  • Voice recording through built in MIC
  • Vocal guidance through built in speaker
  • PC viewer supplied
  • Size/Weight : 103x38x38mm / 80g

Package Contents

 Smart Phone App (Support Android / iOS)


Video Front Full HD (1080p), Rear FHD (1080P)
WiFi 802.11/b/g/n,  Android App, iOS  App
SD card up to 128GB micro SD card. Format free
GPS External smart GPS
Recording mode Driving/Event/Parking
Power input 12V~24V (12V@230mA)
Memory format TAT included. Possible to format in settings.
G-sensor 3-axis gravity sensor
Motion sensor Detect motion in parking mode
Security LED Front side
Video playback Bundled PC viewer, Wi-Fi App
Low power protection Detect car battery low power to prevent battery drainage
Auto power off In abnormal high temperature, DVR power off automatically
(in parking mode).
Working temperature -10˚~70˚
Size / Weight 103 x 38 x 38 (mm, W/D/H) / 80g