We have updated T5 Wi-Fi App, WDVR, for iOS and Android. (iOS App Version 1.0.6 / Android App Version 1.1.4)

On the App, we have added and debugged below. (Android App would be available to be downloaded from 3rd of April.)

Version: 1.0.6

1 1st file selection error on the file list has been debugged.

Supporting Galaxy S9, 9+  (Android Version)

2 Added up Screen Shot Icon
3 Enhancing Wi-Fi Network Connection
4 Added up Video Resolution Option FHD+FHD (T5F Model)

Downloading file format changed to MP4.

5 Added up SD Card Partition Graphic
6 Added up Event Level “High” and “Low” Signal
7 Added up File Download progressing bar

Then, please update your T5 Wi-Fi App with the latest App Version.
(You can search “WDVR” on App Store and Google Market, and install the newest version.)